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The Experience of Tim Woodard, Tennessee Legal

November 20, 2017
Just because he had humble roots in the gorgeous Appalachian Mountains in Eastern Tennessee, doesn’t mean that mediator Tim Woodard doesn’t have the tools to become very successful in his profession and beyond. Tim refuses to forget where he came from; in fact, he embraces his working class roots and he carries those values with him wherever his career takes him. Tim is far more than just an aspiring lawyer; his proud wielding of the blue collar work ethic he grew up with largely represents who he is. It also can be seen in virtually everything he does.

Of course, Tim Woodard has worked on cases in numerous practice areas; that is common among lawyers, especially those in remote places like the Appalachian region of Eastern Tennessee. However, Tim has also been a court clerk and he has participated in the negotiations on many contracts.Tim Woodard’s attorney experience has also made him highly skilled in legal marketing, and he has spent time as a ghost writer for appellate court briefs and portfolio management.