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Affordable services provided to attorney and client by Tim Woodard and His firm

July 02, 2018

For attorney’s and mediator, Tim Woodard, the number one priority is client satisfaction. Using his experience in the legal field by having a law degree, Tim Woodard provides both, attorney and client, an alternative to lengthy and expensive litigation.

As a native of Morristown, TN, we understand that people need help in these difficult economic times. Therefore, TW Mediation Firm offers a structured sliding pay scale that makes mediation affordable. Both, Democratic and Republican Judges have openly expressed their appreciation at providing these quality services.


  • People keep control over the resolution of their own problem.

  • Disputes can be settled promptly. A mediation session can be scheduled as soon as everyone agrees to use mediation to resolve the dispute, even before a lawsuit may be filed.

  • Mediation costs are significantly less than taking a case to trial.

  • Mediation promotes better relationships through cooperative problem-solving and improved communication.

  • Mediation is private and confidential. The mediator and the people in the dispute must maintain the confidentiality of the information disclosed during mediation.

  • Mediation is voluntary. Although a judge may order a case to proceed to mediation, the mediation may be terminated at any time by the people involved or by the mediator. Settlement is also entirely voluntary. If you cannot reach an agreement, you still have the right to take the dispute before a judge or jury.

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